•          I believe in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to pain management.  When it comes to chronic pain, thorough evaluations, individualized treatment plans, and a combination of Eastern and Western approaches are most successful.  Sometimes it is very difficult to take away one’s pain completely; but I believe that there is ALWAYS a way to feel better and regain CONTROL over it.  I believe that by listening, understanding, and educating my patients I can help them deal with their pain.  The road to recovery often lies in understanding the origin, progression, and realistic goals for treatment.

    Mind Over Body

    Some may say this is an overstated or oversimplified concept, but I know it works.  The mind controls how one perceives sickness, including the emotional and physical experience of it, and it is always part of the healing process.  Especially when dealing with pain, one has to appreciate how strong the role of the psyche is.  As a marathoner, I have first-hand experience with the idea of mind over body.  There are many kinds of pain, and many ways to think about it.  I am a strong advocate of exercise and fitness, for the pain that comes with sweat is usually a healthy thing for your body.  I believe that the body is capable of achieving amazing things, including learning to cope with pain and heal itself.