Pain Management

Physical therapy, medications, trigger point (muscle) injections, cortisone injections, medication prescriptions, psychosocial evaluations, medical acupuncture, patient education and counseling.

There are many way to treat pain, and there is no definite right or wrong way to treat it. Individuals respond very differently to different treatments, and the best treatment is what works for you. I often feel patients are afraid to treat their pain, for fear of “masking” the underlying condition. But when providing a diagnosis, such as arthritis, disc problems, or spinal stenosis, which often present primarily with disabling pain, I believe it is important to control it by all means to lead the most active, healthy life possible. One should have a proper understanding of their condition, prognosis, and reasonable expectations for treatment. Sometimes it is not always clear what the exact source of one’s pain is, and it may take time to work it up and find the right management solution. Unfortunately, certain chronic pain conditions have no easy fix, such as one surgical procedure or one magic pill. I believe in a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to pain, since pain is a field of medicine that affects everyone, often confounding patients, doctors, and other healers alike. Pain affects one’s daily function, mood, and social life as well as one’s physical state, and all of these things need to be addressed.

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