How is acupuncture done?

Needling techniques and practices vary.

Frequency: Treatments may be daily, weekly, or periodically as needed.  Number of sessions is also practitioner-dependent, depending on patient response/need.

Duration: Sometimes needles are inserted and removed immediately after manipulation, some left 15-30 min sessions, some leave needles in until they fall out.

Stimulation: Manual, battery operated electrical stimulator, pressure, laser, ultrasound, etc.

Various manual manipulation techniques of the needle à should cause “de Qi” sensation.

What kinds of needles are used?

Individually packed sterile, disposable stainless steel needles are used, so risk of infection is minimal.

Most needles are < hair thickness. (Diameter 0.12-.30 mm; Length 10-75 mm)

Medical Acupuncture



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