What are the risks?



Demand pacemaker (only for electro-acupuncture).

Complications have been reported in the literature, but the incidence is extremely low:  from 12 prospective studies (>1,000,000 treatments), the risk of serious adverse events was 0.05 per 10,000 or 0.55 per 10,000 patients*.

  • • Most common: infection, bleeding, drowsiness-related accidents.
  • • Most serious is associated with puncturing viscera (pneumothorax and cardiac tamponade),
  • • Practitioner dependent!  (Must have knowledge of anatomy, use sterile needles, etc.

*White, A. A cumulative review of the range and incidence of significant adverse events associated with acupuncture. Acupuncture in Medicine 2004; 22(3)122-133.

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