Basic Information

What is an epidural spine injection?

            It is an injection of a small amount of corticosteroid (a.k.a. “cortisone”) anti-inflammatory medication into the epidural space of your spine, usually in the neck or back, where the nerve roots exiting the spinal canal are located.   Usually the injection includes 1-2 cc’s of steroid, mixed with 1-2 cc’s of saline or local anesthetic; though exact proportions and brands of medications may vary.

Epidural Jennifer Kurz, MD

            The injection has to be done under X-ray guidance, or “fluoroscopy,” in order to be sure the medication is placed in the right space.  The use of contrast dye is also important to make sure the needle position is correct, and not inadvertently placed in a small blood vessel.

            Injections may be directed straight into the back or neck, where the medication can flow across several nerve root levels at once, or it can be angled in from the side to target one specific nerve root level.


Interventional Spine Procedures: Epidural Injections


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