Do you suffer from chronic pain?

You are not alone.  There are millions of chronic pain sufferers out there, and numerous ways to try to treat it.  Many patients suffering from chronic pain are sick of undergoing medical tests and imaging, taking pills, failing various medical procedures, and going to see many different doctors.

There are a host of reasons for chronic pain, and one may find extensive scientific research and literature on this topic.  Modern science and technology tries to break it down into specific target receptors, chemicals, hormones, and pathways, but despite how much we think we know today, how much do we really understand?  Why do some people have it and others don’t, and what is the best, most lasting treatment?

There are many practitioners out there who deal with chronic pain complaints, from highly specialized physicians to massage therapists and reiki masters, each of whom may use vastly different philosophies and approaches to treatment.  What is the best approach for you?  My simple answer:  Whatever works!!

First and foremost, it is important to diagnose any underlying medical conditions that may be treated.  I believe every patient deserves a thorough medical and psychosocial evaluation, with an individualized treatment program catered to meet his or her specific needs.  Sometimes patients respond best to an Eastern or alternative approach, which tends to view the body as a comprehensive whole rather than a dysfuction of one particular body part.  Others may need a combination of therapies, including a few injections, medications, and a good physical therapy program that focuses on conditioning and strengthening, in order to feel lasting relief.




Chronic Pain
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